Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you create a 3D photo from any photo which I provide?

Yes, we can convert most pictures you can provide, including phone camera photos, digital camera photos, and scans from already developed photos. Results may vary depending on quality of the photo, and the way the picture was taken.

Can you combine people and pets from multiple photos and add more than two lines of text?

Yes. We can either create a collage of several people and/or pets, or mount the subjects together as if they are in an actual group photo. Results may vary depending on the quality of the different pictures provided. Also, keep in mind that some crystal pieces are more ideal for group photos than others. You can put in as much text as will fit on the crystal piece you select. You can mail or email the images and text to us with your layout instructions. We will create a draft layout for your approval before we engrave the crystal.

How long will it take to receive my finished crystal?

We usually produce the crystal quite quickly following receipt of your order. At most, it will take us up to two days when a 3D conversion is involved, after which we immediately post the order to its destination. Delivery time varies according to postage location.

Is my photo good enough quality for the crystal I want?

The general rule is the better quality of the photo the better quality engraving it will provide for. Our photo editors are expert Photoshop professionals and they will employ every Photoshop trick in the book to enhance your photo. If the photograph is slightly out of focus, too bright, too dark or too small it will be challenging for us but usually possible to create an acceptable photo crystal. It all depends on the extent of the problems with your photo. If we think your photo is not acceptable we will call you to discuss possible options.

What file format and how large can my image file be?

We accept .jpg, .tif, .pdf, .cdr, .ai and .psd file formats for 2D images and .cad, .dxf, .stl, .wmf, and .asc for 3D files. Your file shouldn’t exceed 2 megabytes.

Do you take International Orders?

Yes, we can post our product to most countries, at an additional charge. Shipping prices are based on the total value of product and personalization in your order. When your order leaves our store, we will send you an email with a link and tracking number and you can get detailed information about the status and location of your order.

What payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal, and credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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